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Having an internal standard for every metabolite measured is a basic necessity for accurate and reproducible metabolic profiling. IROA® Quantitation Kits have all the reagents that are required for labeling, quantitating, and identifying biochemical compounds successfully. You will also get ClusterFinder software tool with each kit. It is a targeted and non-targeted mass spectrometry computational analysis tool. You will also get statistical analysis tools with the kits.

Now, the best thing you can do for successful labeling, quantitation, and identification of biochemical compounds in MS-based quantitative or profiling studies is to use 13C metabolite yeast extract as an internal standard. In this article, we will talk about IROA tools that contain 13C labeled yeast extract. Consider going through the full post to know everything in detail.

IROA Tools for Metabolic Profiling

Here are the IROA kits that can be used for metabolic profiling:

1. IROA® Phenotypic Quantitation Kit

You can use IROA® Phenotypic Quantitation Kit (U-13C, 95%) for mammalian metabolic profiling. It can be used in situations where experimental samples can’t be labeled in culture systems such as biopsies, or large-scale fermentation. You can apply the IROA phenotypic protocol to cell populations where recommended growth media is required for experimental samples.

How to prepare a Labeled Internal Standard?

You can prepare a labeled internal standard by growing the same cell population or a cell line which closely resembles the total number of metabolites present within a cell under study in the PHENO-95-300 media. You can then use this labeled standard to compare differences between experimental cell populations grown in the unlabeled recommended growth media.

Kit Components

The IROA PHENO-95-300 Kithas two components: IROA PHENO-95-300 Labeling Medium (liquid) and IROA PHENO-95-300 Labeling Medium (dry). The formercontains Bottle of 250 mL EBSS/RPMI 1640 vitamin solution (1X) containing 1 mg/mL 95% U-13C labeled glucose and empty sterile bottle where you can store media following filter sterilization. And the latter one contains 657.5 mg 95% U-13C labeled yeast extract and amino acids.

13C Metabolite Yeast Extract

2. IROA® Fluxomic Quantitation Kit

The Fluxomic Quantitation Kit (U-13C, 5%) provides the reagents that are required to fully label mammalian cells at 5% U-13C. The 5% helps to identify all metabolic pools excludes all non-biological signals in an unbiased and non-targeted manner.

Kit Components

The IROA FLUX-05-300 Kit has two components: IROA FLUX-05-300 Labeling Medium (liquid) and IROA FLUX-05-300 Component Mix (dry). The labeling medium contains two things: Bottle of 250 mL EBSS/RPMI 1640 vitamin solution (1X) containing 1 mg/mL 5% U-13C labeled glucose and empty sterile bottle to store media following filter sterilization. The latter contains 657.5 mg 5% U-13C labeled yeast extract and amino acids.

The kits should be stored at +4°C protected from light.

Get in Touch with IROA Technologies LLC

IROA Technologies LLC is a metabolomics company that has introduced many tools for accurate metabolic profiling. You will find detailed information about IROA® Quantitation Kits and IROA® Internal Standard Kits on their website. You can click on the link - to visit their website now. Also, consider reading other articles on the internet to learn more about the use of 13C metabolite yeast extract. Feel free to contact them directly for more information. 

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