Hiring a photo booth will be a smart idea for any event. It will set the mood among the crowd making the party even more enjoyable. Therefore, if there is any confusion regarding hiring a photo booth, it is high time you kept that aside. However, before hiring a photo booth, you must consider the type of crowd. If your guests are more of a laid back nature, it may not be the most exciting choice. Photo booths attract people of all ages. If your guests are more fun-loving and if they are looking for something crazy at your party, you are a suitable candidate for photo booth rental. However, there are different types of photo booths available. And that is why choosing the most suitable one for your party might be a little confusing for you.

Different types of photo booths

1.                Conventional Arcade-style booth – These are the photo booths that look like those options popular in arcades in the 70s and 80s. The advantage here is that here you get a retro feel and look. However, when it comes to the disadvantage, its small space is a concern. These booths can only accommodate two or three guests. Also, it is likely to be the most expensive option.

2.                Open Air style – It is a regular booth without an enclosure. The best advantage is that there is no limit to the number of people who want to click photos. Also, the prices are reasonable. The drawback is the lack of privacy.

photo booth rental

3.                Pop-Up style photo booth – Nowadays, these booths are regular options. These are like pop-up tents with sides. Depending on the photo booth rental vendor you are dealing with, these booths can look good or bad. The advantage is that these types of photo booths can fit up to 10 guests. Also, it is easy to transport. And that makes it work well, even in the hard to access places. The disadvantage is the lack of picture quality. Also, the booth is likely to get warm because of limited ventilation.

4.                Drape and pipe style photo booth – A drape and pipe-style booth comes with an enclosure. Curtains help in enclosing the four sides while it opens at the top. These photo booths are bigger that accommodate 15 or more people at a time.

The open-top helps in keeping it comfortable inside. Also, you can set it in different configurations. The extra size facilitates lighting that produces better pictures. However, since these are bigger, these may not be a suitable option for the small venues.

The photo booths come at different prices as per the facilities they offer. Visit various websites to get in touch with multiple vendors and to learn more about the trending prices.   

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