Tuesday, Aug 20, 2019
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Sound therapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of many psychological and physiological disorders. It can benefit patients in many ways. In the last few years, sound therapists and trained sound healing practitioners have successfully treated many ailments ranging from stress, depression, anxiety, etc to chronic pain using healing sounds. However, it has been found that healing sounds and vibrations can positively impact the lives of cancer patients. Sound therapy can be very effective for improving the quality of life of a cancer patient. Well…Before I start talking about the effectiveness of healing sounds for cancer, I want to make one thing clear. You should never use sound therapy as an alternative to medication or convention treatment, especially if you are already diagnosed with cancer and advised conventional therapy. But if you use cancer healing sounds along with or after the conventional therapy, it can help you manage the symptoms and speed up the recovery process.
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The Effects of Healing Sounds in Cancer Patients

We all know that sounds and music can set a mood. No matter whether you are depressed or angry with someone, listening to soothing music or your favorite song can change your mood in no time. This strong psychological effect of sound is used to help cancer patients cope with various negative thoughts and emotional states associated with a cancer diagnosis, which include mood changes, fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Sound therapy has physiological effects as well. Researchers have found many rhythms in our brain (Alpha, Beta, Theta, Gamma, etc). These rhythms change under different circumstances. Also, the molecules that make up the cells vibrate at specific frequencies. These frequencies also change under different conditions. Now, when someone falls ill, the illness produces a unique frequency. The same happens with cancer. The goal of sound therapy is to restore the patient’s health by applying the converse sound frequencies. The best part: Sound healing has no side effects.

Things to note before downloading any Healing Sound

If you do a web search, you will find plenty of websites, audio & video platforms, etc where cancer healing sounds are available for download. But the thing is that most of them don’t work. So, you must be very careful before downloading healing sounds. It’s advised that you read user testimonials before downloading any healing sound. Also, before you start listening to the sounds, you must go through the usage guidelines and instructions properly. It will help you get the most out of sound therapy.
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Download Cancer Healing Sounds now

So, are you looking for healing sounds for cancer that work? Then you can contact ‘Healtone LLC’. Their healing sounds can assist your conventional therapy. You will find healing frequencies for different illnesses and medical conditions on their website. Here are a few of them: General wellbeing, allergy, cold, flu, fever, stress, cancer, etc. Also, you will find detailed information about sound healing therapy on their website. Click on the link - to visit their website now. Feel free to contact them directly to know more.


In accordance with certain laws and governmental regulations in certain countries, relating to holistic and alternative approaches, we are obliged to state the following: Healing sound is not a medical or mental treatment. Under no circumstances, should it be used as a substitute for conventional health care, especially if you have specific symptoms that have been diagnosed by a physician and if treatment has been recommended. You should never disregard medical advice or delay seeking it based upon something you have read or seen in this article or at Please refer to our full disclaimer.

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