Friday, Nov 22, 2019
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“Is investing in a workplace coffee machine really a good idea?”  – This is what many company owners wonder before making the decision of installing a coffee machine in their offices. Well…Different people may have different opinions. But an office coffee machine is no doubt one of the best investments a company owner can make. We all know that coffee can keep a person alert and focused. It also improves concentration. So, by installing a coffee machine in your office, you can improve employee productivity. It can also help you impress the visitors (existing and prospective clients). It has many other advantages. You can go through other articles to learn them. However, before you decide to hire a commercial coffee machine in Melbourne, you must be aware of the common mistakes people often make when renting a coffee machine. Consider going through the following portion of the article properly to know more in this regard.
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Mistakes not to make when renting a Workplace Coffee Machine

Here are the mistakes you need to avoid when renting a coffee machine for your workplace:
  • Mistake 1: Not considering the Total Cost - The total cost associated with installing a commercial coffee machine in an office is one of the crucial things you should take into consideration before the installation. Nevertheless, many people think that the total cost means only the rental cost of the machine. But along with the cost of the machine, you need to consider the cost of the required consumables such as paper cups, coffee beans, chocolate, etc as well. For this, you need to calculate the number of cups you are expecting to be consumed every month.
  • Mistake 2: Not choosing a High-Quality Automatic Coffee Machine - Automatic machines are your best bet when it comes to choosing a coffee machine for the workplace. These machines are extremely easy to use. Also, automatic coffee machines prepare the desired coffee very quickly and require less maintenance. Quality is another important thing you need to take into account. You should choose among machines that are made by the world’s top and renowned coffee machine manufacturers.
  • Mistake 3: Not choosing a Reputed Coffee Solution Provider - People tend to choose new and non-reputed coffee machine providers mainly because they usually offer coffee solutions at very low prices. But you need to know that reputed office coffee solution providers that have been in this particular field for a long time are more reliable than those non-reputed ones. They have trained technicians who can fix any coffee machine issue very quickly.
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Get in Touch with a Reputed Workplace Coffee Solution Provider

So, are you looking for coffee machine specialists offering commercial coffee machines hire in Melbourne? Then you can contact 'Boutique Coffee at Work’. It’s a trusted name that has been providing coffee solutions for workplaces since 2008. They have highly-skilled and trained technicians who will look after any repairs. Also, they offer weekly servicing and temporary replacement machines at no charge. You will find detailed information about the coffee machines on their website. Thus, log on to now to know more.

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