Do you want to extend your eyelashes to have a gorgeous look? That’s great! But is it your first time? Then you must educate yourself about it before you apply the eyelashes. Well, in this article, you will come across a few common questions that people ask about eyelash extensions. These will help you make the entire process smooth. So let’s have a look.

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Ask these questions before extending your eyelashes

Scroll through the following passage to know the questions asked about eyelash extensions.

1. Will your natural lashes be damaged?

You need not worry about getting the natural lashes affected. But if you don’t apply the eyelashes correctly, or if you don’t maintain hygiene, you may face difficulties. It may lead to stunting the growth of natural lashes.

If you use a thicker extension that your natural lashes can’t bear, it may damage the natural lashes.

2. What about the process of eyelash extensions?

The experts use the eyelash extensions with non-irritating adhesive and fix with natural lashes. The entire process may take an hour depending on the volume of eyelashes. These lashes wouldn’t touch your skin.

The process of applying eyelash extensions is painless. But if you feel any burning sensation or pain, you must consult with the expert.

3. How to decide the length and thickness of it?

Some women prefer natural-looking lashes, while others go for thick lashes. However, it depends on the strength of your existing eyelashes. The experts always suggest applying the eyelashes that suits your facial structure and your daily makeup needs. But if you wish to apply extreme thick lashes, it’s advisable to consult with the experts first.

4. Can mascara be used?

It’s better to avoid coating your extended eyelashes with thick layers of mascara. It makes the lashes hard to remove. But if you want to use, make sure you have coated mascara on the top of your lashes. Otherwise, the chemicals in the lashes may break down the glue.

You should not use any oil-based makeup remover and cleanser to remove mascara.

5. What are the lash extension tools?

If you want to extend your eyelashes on your own, you must have the following tools.
• Eyelashes
• Eyelash extension glue
• Eyelash extension pad

There are different types of eyelashes available. These include imperial eyelashes, imperial volume eyelashes, and luxury eyelashes.

6. How long do the eyelashes last?

The eyelash extensions last up to six to eight weeks. But it depends on how well you maintain. When you see the lashes are falling out, it means these are nearing their end.

7. Is there any problem occurred when the eyelashes get wet?

Though it doesn’t create a problem, it’s best to stay out of water for the first day. The adhesive takes almost 12 to 24 hours to hold the eyelashes. But you can clean the extensions with water on the next day.

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